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Meet Udochi

Udochi is a world class business coach, passionate innovator, and Director of Nwudo, LLC; a company whose focus is encouraging Africans to create for their own communities. Since authoring her first book in 2009, she has been innovating through digital media and coaching other’s through vision and hands on skills training since before life coaching became a common trend.

Born and raised in Washington DC, she lived in Nigeria from 1997 to 2000, soon realizing that there was great need for innovation and vision development in those communities. She has been a critically acclaimed and award winning, creator, public speaker an leader since 1994, and has a heartfelt desire to pass on her knowledge about turning community needs into global impact.

An alumni of Rochester Institute of Technology, she has a love of digital media, new technologies and coding. Her latest obsession is blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, because of their potential to transform African finance.


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