A Pink and Green African-Print (Ankara) Galaxy S4 cellphone Case

ANKARA Samsung Galaxy S4 Case (pink and green)

* JUST RELEASED * ANKARA Samsung Galaxy S4 Case (pink and green) Limited Time Only This item is NOT available in stores. Guaranteed safe checkout: PAYPAL | VISA | MASTERCARD (Printed, Made, And Shipped From The USA)

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On Nwudo.com, Tuesdays are #TutorialTuesday on the blog. I will teach you one new thing that is useful, educational or inspiring. On today’s edition of Tutorial Tuesday, I am teaching you how to make your very own Ankara clothing line. What you will need A laptop A red bubble account A Fiverr.com account OR Your […]

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green and white ankara draw string bag

Ankara Drawstring Bag

This African print (Ankara) Pendant Bracelet with green, white and blue Ankara design is a great compliment to any green, white and/or blue Spring time fashion ensemble. Ankara is a very popular and trendy design pattern that is frequently used to demonstrate cultural pride, uniqueness and individuality. This is a great way to define your […]

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