Igbo voices: advancing the Chi.

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The Chi has been described as the ‘personal god’ of an individual. This book describes the Chi as the ‘energy summary’ of an individual. The Chi determines the destiny of an individual. Basically, anger, sadness, hatred, revenge, etc in the Chi of a person may lead to misfortune. However, positive emotions such as loving energy and peace, are good for an individual’s destiny. Desire plays a critical role in determining a persons destiny. This book demonstrates the relationship between the Chi and desire. The purpose of this book is to put you in the cockpit of your life so you can steer yourself to the destination of your choice. For instance, when something good happens to a person, such as getting a good job, a person could say it’s ‘Uchechi’: meaning that it’s the ‘thought of the Chi’. That is a passive statement suggesting that the person did not ’cause’ the job and did not have a hand in making it happen. However, Uchechi is also ‘thinking of the Chi’ and is more causative. The idea is to give a person control of their Chi, so they can have higher thought that is causative, and link their thoughts to other thoughts and Chi in their environment so they can have expanded ability and power.


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