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Revealing My May Theme and Posting Schedule #NewNollywoodWednesday (video)

Hello Afronistas!

In today’s blog post, I am sharing with you three things:

  1. The theme on Nwudo for the month of May
  2. The daily posting theme schedule
  3. My latest YouTube video.

So, let’s jump right in.

Firstly, I don’t think it’s too late to announce the theme for the month of may. Prior to this week, Nwudo has been extremely busy planning its big “Grad & Boujee” event for the Class of 2017. Read about that event and see pictures here. I am still waiting on the photographers and videographers to send me some of the footage and photos from the event, and when they do, you can expect a recap video from me.

So, as a result of a lot of time spent planning for that event, It took some time before I could actually begin working on this brand. If you are reading this when it is actually posted, you will see that the website is a little hot-mess-ish, but I want to keep the blog up so that there is content when it launches.

Speaking of launching the website, the official Launch date of this website is June 1st 2017. There will be lots of treats in store during that time, including giveaways, contests and opportunities to engage. So, stay tuned!

space shuttle launching into spaceThis brings me to the theme for the month of May, which is: “Preparing to Launch.” I guess a good question at this point is, “What is the significance of the “theme of the month”. The significance of the theme of the month, is that posts, vlogs and product launches during the particular month will predominantly surround that theme. So, some of things I have in store for the theme “Preparing to Launch” include:

  • Yesterday’s #TutorialTuesday which was centered around how to easily launch your own Ankara clothing line
  • Tomorrow’s #TrendingThursday will focus on Africans in outer space, and will ask the comedic question “How would Africans react if Space Tourism becomes a reality?”
  • African Science Fiction will be a topic one day, and
  • I also plan to do a Top 10 List related to launching

So, stay tuned for all of these.

This is all in honor of my June launch of the Nwudo brand.

One thing that I pride myself on is my work ethic, and a huge goal of mine when it comes to this brand is consistency. That is my aim, because it’s not smart to launch something without a target in mind.

So, here is my schedule I have cooked up for this brand in the hopes of creating a consistent system.

  • New Arrival Monday
  • Tutorial Tuesday
  • (Wednesday will change from week to week)
    • Week 1 – Awareness Wednesday
    • Week 2 – New Nollywood Wednesday
    • Week 3 – Wisdom Wednesday
    • Week 4 – Webisode Wednesday
  • Trending Thursday
  • Cool Find Friday
  • Week in Review Saturday
  • Soulful Sunday

Also, every 1st of the month, I will announce what you can expect for the rest of the month in terms of theme, product launches and promotions.

At the end of every month I will do a recap and a reveal about the progress of the company, whether it hit it’s targets, it’s growth and it’s goals for the coming month.

And finally, the 15th of every month there will be a mid-month contest and/or giveaway.

Lastly, I hope to produce new video content for you guys every day. Today’s video is for #NewNollywoodWednesday which is when I create a (hopefully) high quality screenplay that I hope will inspire film content creators of the African cultural group to create more high quality content and think outside the box when it comes to cultural productions.

Watch this video on youtube that I created a few years ago for a contest, and let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow (God willing)!

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