Interview with founder of DiasporAfri | African Growth Opportunities Podcast

On the African Growth Opportunities Podcast, we share opportunities for Africans in the Diaspora and on continent to develop, progress and succeed in today’s changing world.

Our interview is with the founder of DiasporAfri, Ndidi Nwakalor. DiasporAfri is a blog where people of African descent all over the world can feel loved, appreciated, and uplifted! Highlighting African, African-American, and Caribbean culture for all the world to see!

Ms. Nwakalor is a woman with a unique cultural experience. Having both and African dad and African-American mom; she strives to see the diaspora come together in a new and powerful way. She has traveled to many places in the world and appreciate the unique experiences that people of African descent bring to the world. Africa has been her favorite place and Africa shares so much culture with people of African descent in the rest of the world. Positive light is shed on the DisaporAfri blog. She desires to make people think, learn, and spark an interest that will help others explore even more.

The DiasporAfri blog can be found at


You may also listen to interview on Soundcloud below:

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